The Value We Offer

Getting paid can be a technological challenge these days…

…by credit cards, PIN-enabled debit cards, recent confusion surrounding chip-based transactions; and there’s also ACHs (e-checks), getting paid on a one time and recurring basis; or perhaps your bricks and mortar store needs an integrated POS system and/or an ATM on site; or you sell virtually using ecommerce, or your firm needs to accept epayment on its emailed invoices, or you collect membership dues, or your agency’s lifeblood comes from online donations and fundraising event registrations…

…You can sure count on one thing in the electronic payments industry: constant change.

You can’t keep up with this all alone; after all, you have a business cash flow to manage. You really need someone you can rely on:
  • to explain innovations to you, and what that means to your business.
  • to be open to contact at all times, because questions about epayments occur all day, every day.
  • to bring you the very best epayment services, so you are paid efficiently and effectively.
  • to advise you from our expertise, because inevitably, you will need something changed or clarified.
  • to explain what makes up your transaction pricing and how to read your month end statement.

  • That’s where we come in:
  • Your Best Interest LLC advises for-profit businesses and
  • egiving assists nonprofits and membership organizations
  • Using these two brand names, we are the same committed professionals who spent the last 15 years managing the dramatic changes in the epayments industry for our scores of clients, while gathering compliments for providing top customer service quality.

    We exceed your expectations:
  • We take care of you just like we want to be taken care of.
  • We use the same epayment services in our business that you do as our client.

  • We are authorized agents for a few best-in-class epayment vendors, whom we selected for their flexibility, quality, and innovation. We only assemble the right suite of epayment services and electronic cash flow techniques that make sense for your needs, now and in the future.

    It’s a sad commentary on the epayments industry, but few sales organizations also troubleshoot and provide the personal touch and quality customer service we do.

    We give you multiple ways to communicate with us. We know the management at all our vendors. We want you to feel comfortable with every vendor that handles your epayment processing. After all, it’s your business cash flow we are assisting you with, it’s your lifeblood. You deserve the best.

    To us, every client is unique. And all change with time, growing and maturing. We cater to your ongoing needs and customize as you progress. “Customize” need not be associated with “expensive.” We price your services reasonably and have been praised for going beyond the call of duty to provide the extra TLC you need.

    That’s it. Not a fancy website. Just assurance of the quality commitment in our tagline: “we exceed expectations.”

    Please contact us for a fresh, educated experience in epayments.