About our nonprofit division

Since 2001, egiving has made a point of providing nonprofits top-notch donation technology services that make sense for YOUR particular needs.

We work very hard to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the online donor payments industry, many of whom do not custom tailor to the needs of YOUR nonprofit, and provide minimal contact from afar, only by impersonal help center operator, usually with high rates and some still even remit monthly donation payments by paper check!

To speed the conversion of that donation (or pledge) to cash in the bank account, you must accept payments electronically, 24 x 7 x 365, allowing the donor to choose how and when to pay you, by credit or debit cards or electronic checks, by phone, fax or online, one-time or on a periodic, recurring basis.

As a result, you speed up the cash cycle, gainbetter control of your cash flow, and your programs are better and more evenly funded, with less administrative effort than before. These alternatives are easy to implement in your office and simple to initiate with your supporters.

The owners of egiving are your marketing and customer service contacts and if we cannot answer the question, we stay on the line with you to ensure we can finalize the issue. We even give you our cell phone number so you have access to us at your gala when you need us. Really, who else does that?

About egiving's umbrella

If we are known by the "company we keep," then these integrated service providers are the best friends we (and you) could ever have! All services are knit together in a cohesive product. egiving is proud to work with these best-in-class payment experts:

Our preferred credit card processor is Harbortouch.
The security aspects and historic database of online donations are handled by any of a number of specialized gateways, chosen with your particular needs in mind.

A customizable "shopping cart" for donations, ticket sales and registrations is provided by our valued partner, Geoff Geertsen, owner of geecarts; www.geecarts.com.

Each is committed to the highest level of donor financial security. Fully tested, and providing personalized training, implementation is far easier than you thought!

Our clients soon see our value in these difficult financial times and compliment us for our delivery.

We can help your organization to run more like a business, using technology for better cash flow.

egiving has helped scores of nonprofit organizations and membership organizations with their electronic donation and payment needs. Many references to decades-old clients are available on request.