eCheck (ACH)

We offer easy ways to save your firm or company time and money while improving the accuracy and efficiency of your receivables activities.

The same applies to nonprofits for donations and pledges.

Initiate electronic payments from your customer's/donor's checking accounts directly to your company's account. This simplifies the payment process for both you and your customers/donors. Not only one time payments, but on a recurring basis.

Additionally, you can send payments on a one-to-one basis or within a multiple payee batch. This option is ideal for companies sending recurring payments of all sizes.

Our service vendors utilize and are regulated by the National Automated Clearing House (NACHA) for account-to-account electronic transfers.

Key Benefits of eChecks:
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy by replacing laborious manual check processing with eCheck payments
  • Improve handling and reduce returned check payments; NSF notification next business day
  • Improve cash flow forecasting, and financial planning with timely and automated payments
  • It's so 21st century: go green by using less paper and reduce your carbon footprint by using eCheck

  • Receiving Payments
    eCheck is an ideal solution for receiving payments for several business scenarios by providing a variety of payment options to your business partners:
  • Set up recurring, automated payment schedules for payables collection/ donor pledges that are easy to manage and error-free
  • Initiate individualized payments, easy for your customer/donor to schedule with you, using an online payment terminal
  • Provide an online payment page for customers to pay you with the highest level of personal security over the internet
  • Integrate eCheck payment functionality into your online invoicing interfaces

  • Sending Payments
    Money moves in more than one direction and so should your epayment solutions. We offer businesses a powerful way to remit payments to one or multiple accounts by utilizing a funds disbursement application.
    Whether you're an employer who wants to send commissions to sales reps via direct deposit, a company that wishes to pay vendors electronically, or need to issue customer rebates, we have an answer.
    Now companies of any size have the kind of powerful funds disbursement system once available to only the largest businesses:
  • Credit individual payments easily to anyone with a bank account
  • Send money to multiple payees in a single batch simply by uploading a file with the payment details
  • Integrate outbound payment functions into your application
  • Set up post-dated disbursements

  • Ask us for a customized solution using these tools to make your cash flow move faster and produce fewer payment headaches overall.